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Come step back in time in the medieval center of Amersfoort

For those who love medieval history, Amersfoort has plenty of it to offer. Located in the Utrecht province, the city celebrated a milestone birthday in 2009 – 750 years. Around the Amersfoort region, there is evidence of hunter-gatherers during the Mesolithic period and remains of a settlement have been found that date back to around 1000 BC. The name Amersfoort, though, didn’t appear until around the 11th century. The wallhouses, which are built on the foundation of the city’s first wall foundations from 1300, are located on Murrhuizen Street.

One of the tallest medieval church towers in the country is located here. An explosion demolished the church in 1787, but the tower managed to survive. There are other areas of the city that are wonderfully preserved from the Middle Ages. You can spend several days looking at various monuments, museums and landmarks in this fabulous city with such a rich history.

Amersfoort has a nickname of boulder-city, which all comes from a bet between landowners in 1661. A 19,842 pound or 9-ton boulder was brought into the city by 400 people, after which the winner bought pretzels and beer for everyone. Some people were embarrassed by the nickname and the boulder was buried in 1672. In 1903, the boulder was found again and turned into a monument.

So what can you and your escort Amsterdam provides do in Amersfoort? There’s plenty to see and do here. Below are some suggestions, as well as a couple of terrific restaurants that deserve the consideration of your and the escort Amsterdam sends.

Are you an animal lover? Consider a trip to the zoo

The DierenPark Amersfoort opened in 1948 with only a camel, a bear, a monkey and a few farm animals. Today, the zoo sits on 47 acres and has more than 100 different kinds of animals. There are more than 650,000 visitors to the zoo each year. This is a terrific place to stroll around and get to know the provides better. It’s located at Barchman Wuytierslaan 224, 3819 AC Amersfoort. You can find out more about tickets and operating hours by phoning 31 33 422 7100.

Art lovers will enjoy The Mondriaan House

The escort Amsterdam provides has a real passion for the arts and not just the art of sex! The Mondriaan House is where Piet Mondriaan was born and features a complete, lifesize recreation of his Paris workshop. You can browse through works of art from painters that were inspired by Mondriaan, as well as several temporary shows during the year. It’s located at Kortegracht 11, 3811 KG Amersfoort. For more information, phone 31 33 460 0170.

Kamp Amersfoort offers a sobering look into the past

Kamp Amersfoort was a Nazi concentration camp and more than 35,000 prisoners were housed here. It’s located at Loes van Overeemlaan 19, 3832 RZ Leusden, which is in between Amersfoort and Leusden. Kamp Amersfoort was a work camp and in July 1942, Dutch Jews from Amersfoort, Westerbork and Vught were deported to other concentration camps and death camps, including Auschwitz. The control of Kamp Amersfoort was transferred over the Dutch Red Cross in April 1945. The watchtower remains, as do the ruins of camp’s mortuary. A national monument has been erected here. You may phone 31 33 461 3129 to learn more.

The city’s historic center is the main attraction in Amersfoort

While you will certainly feel an attraction to your escort, the main attraction within the city is the city center. Some of the sites that you should put on your itinerary include the Museum Flehite, which has many artifacts and exhibitions relating to the history of the city. If your escort Amsterdam provides would rather not play translator, there are English tour guides available, but reservations for such a tour need to be made four days in advance. The Museum Flehite is located at Westsingel 50, 3811 BC Amersfoort, and you can phone them at 31 33 247 1100.

The Lieve Vrouwe tower awaits those who are up to the challenge. It’s 364 steps to the top and is the second highest tower in the country. Tours are available during the summer months, and you and your Amsterdam escort may be enthralled by the history and legends of the tour. Those who make it to the top will be rewarded with a spectacular view. It’s located at Lieve Vrouwestraat 13, 3811 BP Amersfoort and you phone at 31 33 422 6555.

Probably the best way for you and the escort Amsterdam provided to see the city center is with a tour guides. Each year, more than 15,000 people enjoy a walking tour of the center and best of all, the tours are free. Contact Gilde Amersfoort at Groenmarkt 19, 3811 CP Amersfoort or phone at 033-4722236 to make a reservation for your and your Amsterdam escort.

Restaurant De Aubergerie is the most favorably rated restaurant in Amsterfoort

Located at Kamp 88, Amersfoort 3811 AT, the Restaurant De Aubergerie is a veritable icon in the city. Offering French cuisine created with locally sourced ingredients, the chef has been honored with the Ami Saisonnier. Personal attention is paramount here, so sit back and enjoy the experience. Reservation are a must and may be taken care of by calling 033-4756096. This is one dining experience you and your Amsterdam escort will not soon forget.

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