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Why Choose Amstelveen for Your Escort Amsterdam Girl 24 Experience?

Although many visitors to the Netherlands want to spend time in downtown Amsterdam, others are looking for a bit of a change of pace. Amstelveen is just a few minutes from the heart of Amsterdam, but it provides a decidedly different environment from its metropolitan cousin. Replete with museums, art galleries and a variety of other creative tourist attractions, Amstelveen is the perfect escape for you and the escort Amsterdam provides. Whether you are looking for a private day tour to show off the escort Amsterdam provides to the rest of the city -- or a bold adventure into the downtown area of Amsterdam -- you and the escort Amsterdam provides are certain to have a great time in Amstelveen.

This idyllic suburb is situated along a river, so you and the escort Amsterdam sends can spend hours strolling through the beautiful natural landscape. Enjoy the sunshine in the summertime, or bundle up for a frisky romp through the outdoors when winter arrives! No matter the season, you are sure to enjoy the sights of Amstelveen -- and the sight of your Amsterdam escort -- during your trip to the Netherlands.

Where to Stay with the Escort Amsterdam Provides in Amstelveen

Travelers who are looking for a touch of rustic luxury in Amstelveen will find their perfect solution at the Hotel T Jagershuis in Amstelveen (Amstelzijde 4, 1184 VA Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Netherlands; +31 20 496 2020). You and the Escort Amsterdam brings to you will love waking up to the sunlight streaming in from authentic farmhouse windows. Cuddle in bed while looking out at the view of the river and surrounding gardens. Those who stay at this exclusive hotel can also enjoy a fantastic meal -- complete with intoxicating cocktails -- at the restaurant downstairs. You won't even have to leave your hotel to enjoy a full day of pleasure with your beauty!

Those looking for a bit of a trendy establishment will relish the Lute Suites (De Oude Molen 5, 1184 VW Amstelveen, Netherlands; +31 20 472 2462), a hotel with a modern theme and some tantalizing room choices. Check out their sexy suites that include baths in the middle of the room. What better choice for an escort Amsterdam client looking for a bit of a strip tease, followed by an adventure in the tub? These luxurious rooms offer generous accommodations that can allow two people to have a sexy encounter in one of their modern baths, some of which have windows that overlook the town's grand scenery. Lavish your attention upon the escort Amsterdam sends in your hotel -- but be sure to save some energy for the active nightlife that is just outside your door.

Get It on, Then Get Out on the Town with Your Sexy Companion

One of the hottest venues in Amstelveen is P60 (Stadsplein 100a, 1181 ZM Amstelveen, Netherlands; +31 20 345 3445), which is a cafe and bistro that turns into a music club at night. This venue used to house the Headway Progressive Music Festival, so it has quite a reputation. Keep your adventure local by downing some heady drinks at this fine establishment before heading back to your room for another romp on the sack. For a more casual pub experience, check out the Het Cafe (Dorpsstraat 64-B, 1182 JE Amstelveen, Netherlands; +31 20 640 8972), a great place to throw back some beer before sweeping your escort back to your hotel.

Looking for something a little more racy? Take the quick and easy-to-use public transit to the heart of Amsterdam, just minutes from Amstelveen. Aside from the sex clubs -- and we'll get to them in a minute -- one of the best locations for a date with the escort Amsterdam sent is the world-renowned Supperclub (Jonge Roelensteeg 21, 1012 PL Amsterdam, Netherlands; +31 20 344 6400). This erotic experience allows diners to lounge about on couches while enjoying a Dionysian style of entertainment and performances. This alternative venue features bizarre acts such as pole dancers and costumed performers. No, it's not a straight-up sex club, but some of the acts come pretty close. Another advantage: You can enjoy a joint in the bathroom or outside before checking out the acts. What better way to get your evening going than a toke of some of the world's best pot? You can't buy your weed at Supperclub, but it is certainly not prohibited.

If you want something even more outrageous than the Supperclub, you need look no further than the three major sex clubs in Amsterdam. Each offers a different environment for the adventurous couple. The Banana Bar (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37, 1012 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands; +31 20 627 8954) is perhaps the most informal, with girls performing a variety of tricks on stage. This bar is exciting and fun, but it can be crowded with bachelor parties, so make sure you check out the crowd before committing to an evening there. Casa Rosso (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106 /108, 1012 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands; +31 20 627 8954) is more suited to accommodating you and the escort Amsterdam provides. Even though it is owned by the same people as the Banana Bar, the feel is definitely different. Stripteases, soft S&M shows and a live couples sex show make Casa Rosso a far more entertaining experience for you and your Amsterdam escort. Moulin Rouge (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 5-7, 1012 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands; +31 20 627 5030) offers the best diversity in sex acts, with performers using bananas, vibrators, ribbons and other props. Audience participation is encouraged!

Not satisfied with just watching? Of course not -- that's why you brought the Escort Amsterdam provided with you. Check out the multitude of sex shops nearby that offer a variety of props and toys for your own special evening in Amstelveen. Imagine getting thoroughly warmed up at one of the sex clubs, stopping by a coffee house to enjoy a giant joint, and then heading back to your posh hotel with one of the most beautiful girls you have ever met. The escort Amsterdam provided can make that entire fantasy come true.

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