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Let's get right to it: You're looking to get in touch with us here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 because you want a sexy woman who will not only share your bed, blowing your mind (ahem, and maybe more) every night, but who can lead you to all of the great drinks and legal marijuana in the city. You want to go home feeling both worn out and refreshed from your trip, and you want to have stories to tell when you get there. Does that sound about right?

If it does, you're in the right place. We can hook you up with the best escort Amsterdam has to offer, a girl who will be into pleasing you in ever possible way, whether you just want to hit your hotel together or venture into the Red Light District, famous around the world for its sex clubs and brothels. We can find you a blonde, a brunette, a red-head ... whatever you fancy. After you find that stunning girl you have been dreaming of, she can take you to the drinks, the weed and the nightlife that you crave.

The Coffee Shops

Coffee shops may often sell coffee in the Netherlands, but they also sell weed, as the escort Amsterdam can provide will attest. There are tons of styles and varieties when it comes to both the shops and the weed itself. If you are new here, check out some of these shops first:

Roots Corner

A tiny little brick shop with bright blue and green graffiti instead of a sign, this place has the edgy and yet laid-back vibe you may have been looking for. It's a corner building on a quiet street, but it also puts you close enough to the train tracks that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can get there easily. If you can, try the NLX, which is noted to be good. You can find it at Spuiweg 29-31, 3311 GT Dordrecht.


The glass windows in the front give this shop plenty of light for you and the escort Amsterdam has provided for you. The menu is pretty standard, so this is not the best place for variety, but it's also a nice, small shop if you want to get away from the crowds. You can find it at Torenstraat 81, 2513 BP 's-Gravenhage, and their phone number is +31 70 392 4855.


Now this is a shop with some style. You and the girl from Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 will love the exterior design, with elegant woodwork and old world charm. Some people literally claim that this is the best place in the whole city, and it's hard to refute. There are tons of windows, the atmosphere is open and inviting, and the staff is nice. They have many different types of weed to pick from, like Afghan and Nepali. Compared to the bland little brick buildings that you most often find, the traditional, cool vibe at this shop will make every minute enjoyable. If you're in the area, start here. You can find it at Prinsestraat 84, 2513 CG 's-Gravenhage. The phone number is +31 70 3462346.

Cold Beers and Hard Shots with an Amsterdam Escort

After the two of you get done smoking – or maybe while you're still doing it – it's time for some cold beers and shots of hard alcohol to really get the night headed in the right direction. There is nothing better than getting a bit high and a bit drunk and then heading to your room for a night of sexual adventure. These are a few bars and hotspots that you may want to look at:

Café Belgique

This bar is tiny, but comes highly rated because of the charming atmosphere and the fact that they cram eight draft beer options into the space, along with cooler space for around 30 different types of bottles. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you can find beers from the local breweries and options from all around the world. Warm lighting fills the place and banners hang on the walls, giving it a fun and enjoyable vibe. You may be packed in, but it's very comfortable once you get a seat and the selection means that you do not have to leave to find the beer that you want. The bar is located at Gravenstraat 2, and the phone number is +31 20 625 1974.


While some people think of this place as something of a dive bar, you and the escort Amsterdam has offered you will enjoy it if you like a retro vibe – which you get from the extensive neon lights and the jukebox. It sort of gives the place a 1950s feel. They have food starting at noon and running all the way until 8 p.m. Along with beer options, you can look into a full bar, with vodka and anything else you could desire. The couple who runs the bar is very friendly. You can find it at Prins Hendrikkade 121, or you can call +31 20 624 9521.

How to Contact Us

We are your key to the whole city; with an escort Amsterdam has to offer on your arm, you'll have the time of your life, and that's no hyperbole! We can help you find that fantasy-come-true Amsterdam escort. Just use the phone number on the contact page or email us – and we can set up your date with the girl – or girls – that you desire. Call now to get it started!

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