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October 27, 2015

Two of the Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Going out to dinner with an Amsterdam escort is a great way to start the night, whether that night ends in a pub, a coffee shop, or back at your hotel room. The restaurant that you pick sets the stage for the whole night, establishing the type of date that it's going to be. You need to pick an excellent place that gives you both the food and the atmosphere that you desire. Below are two of our favorite restaurants in the city; we recommend that you start with one or the other.


This is a fine dining establishment that specializes in six-course meals. They come with wine pairings picked out especially for the meals being served, so you know that the food and drink are going to match up for an exquisite combination. If you and the Amsterdam escorts do go with the six-course meals, you're in for an entire evening of enjoyment, as it often takes around four hours to get through everything. This is about more than just dining on French and international cuisine. It is about the entire experience.

To make that experience as perfect as can be for you and the Amsterdam escort, the atmosphere of the place is over the top. If features warm, intimate lighting, crystal glassware, brilliant white dining sets that add to the perfect presentation of the courses, candles on the tables, and the like. This is a high-class place -— you'll want to show up in a suit and tie -—- and it gives you a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Amsterdam can often be a busy place, and this is the perfect reprieve. You can find the restaurant at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, De L'Europe Amsterdam, 1012 CP, Amsterdam, and the phone number is +31 20 531 1705.


Zara's is similar to the above in that it is luxurious and relaxing; you can tell that a lot of attention to detail is put into the place, from the dishes themselves to the overall atmosphere that is created. It is a bit smaller, though, which means that it tends to feel cozy and intimate. It's the perfect place for your first date with one of the hot Amsterdam girls! The two of you can get to know each other over a glass of wine, bourbon on the rocks, a gin and tonic, or anything else off of the full bar menu.

The food itself is delicious and inventive. For instance, they serve a tomato basil soup that is made with vodka. They also have a wonderful chocolate cake that you can get for dessert, and it comes with a pistachio parfait. The place usually smells like fresh bread, which, when combined with the small seating capacity, really makes it feel homey and high-end at the same time. If you want to check this place out, you can find it at Daniel Stalpertstraat 103hs, 1072 XD, Amsterdam, and the phone number is +31(0)20.673.63.33.

This is a city full of wonderful dining options, but we are sure that you and the Amsterdam escort will find Bord'Eau and Zara's to be two of the best!

September 8, 2015

Five Things You Should Know About the Red Light District

The Red Light District is one of the most famous districts in any city in the world, a place where prostitution is legal and where sex shops and brothels are on every corner. Tourists fly in from all over the globe to check it out. If you're thinking of going there for a good time with the Amsterdam escorts, there are a few things you should know.

It's Not Closing

Rumors flew for a while that the area was going to be closed down, but this simply isn't true. Some changes were mulled over, such as reducing the size of the area and trying to change the way it's run, but it's not going to be closed. This place has been a staple for a long time, and we're not going to see the end of it. It's still there and waiting to show you the time of your life.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Street Are Regulated

There are days when you can drink in the street, just like you have in most major cities –- for instance, the way Sydney, Australia, operates on Mardi Gras. However, you can't just drink and smoke pot anywhere you want. You need to drink in the bars and smoke in the coffee shops. This is sometimes not that strictly enforced, but don't make the mistake of walking down the street with an open beer and getting a ticket because you thought you could do anything in the Red Light District.

Respect the Girls When It Comes to Cameras

Naturally, you'll probably want to take some pictures in the Red Light District or have your picture taken, perhaps with the Amsterdam escort on your arm. That's fine, and you can snap whatever pictures you want. Just respect the women and obey the laws stating that you can't take pictures of them at work. As long as you do this, there won't be any issues. The ladies don't want their pictures passed around on social media.

It's Safe

People sometimes assume this area is wild, crazy and unsafe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, it's not a district filled with crime, as prostitution is legal. It's a tourist attraction. People walk through with their families and even their children. This is a city, so be careful when you need to, but the Red Light District is one of the safest areas around. Relax and enjoy yourself.

It's More Than Sex

The district starts with sex, and you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can have all of the hot sex you want in the clubs and brothels, but it's more than that. There are trendy new bars where you can drink in style and restaurants where you can get some of the best food in the city. There are coffee shops and tourist shops. The whole area has a ton to offer, so you could hang out all day and have a blast no matter what you want to do.


May 17, 2015

Staying at the Beach: Zandvoort or Noordwijk?

Are you going to Amsterdam but thinking of staying out of the city and hitting up the nearby beach towns? Maybe you want to swing into the city during the day to check out the coffee shops, the canals, the Amsterdam escorts and the shopping district, but you'd rather make a day trip of it so that you can relax and enjoy yourself near the water. If so, there are many beach towns close to Amsterdam, with two of the most popular being Zandvoort and Noordwijk. Which one should you choose?

For what it's worth, the most popular one is Zandvoort, and there's reason for it. This is a town that has everything that you need, from beautiful restaurants to local shopping to long stretches of beach where the sun never seems to set. It's a bustling coastal town; if you've traveled in the United States -— or if you're coming from the States -— you may compare it to the beach towns in Florida. The whole atmosphere is very vacation-friendly, and there are many tourist attractions that you can check out.

The downside, of course, is the same as you'd find in Florida: It can really be packed in Zandvoort. With the popularity of the town, you also get the crowds. While many people there may be locals, you're also going to find a lot of tourists from the United States, Australia, Europe and, really, all over the world. This is a hotspot of a destination, so you might not be able to find the peace and quiet that you seek. If you really don't like crowds and throngs of other tourists, and if you want a more authentic Amsterdam experience, you may want to turn elsewhere.

And that brings us to Noordwijk. This has also become something of a tourist destination, so you're not exactly going to find a sleepy little beach town that you and the Amsterdam escorts get all to yourself, but it is more low-key than Zandvoort. There are hotels where the beach tends to get pretty full, with cabanas and chairs out on the sand, but things really thin out as you move away from the hotels. It's easy to go on a romantic stroll along the surf and suddenly find yourself all but alone.

You still do get the tourist experience if you want it, as well. The most well-known landmark from the town, a towering white lighthouse, is at the end of a wide, busy street with tall hotels and shops on both sides. There are tons of little cafes and restaurants where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat with the Amsterdam escorts. There are some great historic buildings downtown that provide a lot of charm and cultural relevancy. Going to Noordwijk definitely does not mean cutting yourself off from the area, and you can get into Amsterdam itself by bus or train, but it is simply not quite as chaotic and busy. No matter which one you pick, though, we're sure that you're going to love it!

April 9, 2015

Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with no lack of fun things that you can do with the Amsterdam escorts. If you're just interested in sexual adventures, why not start out in the Red Light District? If you're looking for some of the best beer in the country, check out the local breweries or the beer festivals. Maybe you want to play things a bit more low-key; if so, there are film festivals in Amsterdam every year, which can be ideal dates for you and these beautiful women. If you ever find yourself looking for something else, though, or overwhelmed by having so many choices, here are a few options to consider first.

The North and Cafe Noorderlicht

One option is to get right out of the city proper and check out the northern districts, where you can find a beautiful coastline where many city-dwellers go to escape the hustle and bustle of living in town. You're also going to find things like skate parks and art shops; this is a relaxed, laid-back area, with a lot of cool people. You can find smoke shops, beautiful hotels that are almost right on the beach and a whole lot more.

If you're looking for a good place to eat, do not skip out on Cafe Noorderlicht. The building features huge glass windows and incredible views. It's a large place, so getting a seat quickly will not be a problem, and they have many great food and drink options. For example, some local favorites include the frittata and the steak, cooked exactly how you want it. If you get a drink, they can suggest a wine pairing, or you can ask about the local beers. They also have specialty meals around the holidays, so make sure that you look at the non-standard menu.

Stroll Down Haarlemmerstraat

Haarlemmerstraat is one of the main streets running through the city, and it offers a ton of excellent shopping. Looking for trinkets and souvenirs to take home? You'll find it there. Looking for a nice new suit for your date later in the night? You can get that, too. The blend of different shops is what really makes the street nice. You can find anything you want, and you may stumble upon a lot of things you never would have thought of on your own. It is crowded, but that is just part of the fun for you and the Amsterdam escorts.

Hannekes Boom

You're not going to find a bar or restaurant that is much more of a classic Netherlands destination than this. It's right on the edge of the canal, and a lot of the patrons come there in boats. If you don't have your own, it's not hard to rent one out, go sightseeing, and then swing into this bar at the end. Even if you go on foot, they have seating both inside and outside, so you can relax and watch the traffic on the water. The beer is fresh and inexpensive, the food is great, and the whole place really makes you feel like you're on holiday. Without a doubt, it's one of the best places to go with the Amsterdam escorts.

February 28, 2015

Awesome Events in Amsterdam

You'll find no end of things to do in Amsterdam. It's true that the coffee shops, bars, clubs, sex shows, theaters and museums have plenty to offer. However, if you're looking for something lively and of-the-moment, consider taking in one of the local festivals.

Natives and guests alike enjoy the literally hundreds of festivals that happen every year in this great region. Celebrating music, food and so much more, these events are unlike anything else anywhere in the world. You and your Amsterdam escort will have the time of your lives, drinking in the atmosphere and getting a taste of local tradition.

Here we've let you in on a few of our favorites. Depending on the time of year that you're here, these may or may not be your ideal time in the city. Still, this will give you a sense of what's available.


This summer music festival brings together DJs, acrobats, pyrotechnics, décor and more to set the stage for the best house and techno music out there. The club style event takes place in the Amsterdam arena, and is perfect for anyone who wants to dance, see amazing sights and drink in the audio-visual extravaganza.

Liberation Day Amsterdam  

May 5 is Liberation Day, and celebrates the surrender of the Germans in the Netherlands at the end of World War II. The commemoration is fitting for the free-spirited nature of this city. Live music, provided by both national and international artists, is the highlight, along with the Concert on the Amstel.

Chocoa Festival

Truly an event for chocoholics, the Chocoa Festival brings the elegance and subtleties of wine culture to chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Learn the history of the confection, participate in workshops and simply indulge.

Chamber Music Festival

Bringing this old and venerated form of music into the 21st century, the Chamber Music Festival is a place for classical music lovers to be enchanted. Set a scene of grand romance with your Amsterdam escort at this annual event.


Combining dance and film, Cinedans is a festival for all ages. You can enjoy short and full-length films on the art of dance, as well as documentaries. Lectures, debates and workshops are also available. This might be something to do during the day, as some events are geared toward children.

Amsterdam Salsa Festival

Warm up the end of the coldest season with the Amsterdam Salsa Festival. If you like the sound of hot-blooded dancing with a hot Amsterdam escort, this is the festival for you. Workshops and classes round off with a huge theme party on the final evening.

Jumping Amsterdam

Many of the best riders in the world come for this equestrian festival. Check out the shows, jumping, dressage, exhibitions, entertainment and more with other horse and performance lovers. Along with music, culinary and dance festivals, this one really rounds out the options.

When you think about your visit, don't just think about the women and the coffee shops. Know that Amsterdam offers events galore, and that it could be the perfect place to take your perfect date.
January 8, 2015

A Great Club to Hit Up with an Amsterdam Escort

Are you going to be visiting Amsterdam sometime in the coming months, and do you want to take out an Amsterdam escort while you're in town? These girls are hot and a whole lot of fun, but what should the two of you do together? Amsterdam has hundreds of options, from fine dining establishments to historic sites to coffee shops that sell marijuana -— and yes, it's very legal and very affordable. However, on top of all of that, the city has some terrific clubs. Below is one of our favorites, one that we'd highly recommend you check out while you're in town: Trouw.

First off, the origin of the name: It's a newspaper. Trouw was, at one time, a popular paper all over Amsterdam. With the rise of both the TV news and the Internet, printing needs dropped off drastically, but this huge industrial building was still standing, just calling for someone to come and use it. As the Amsterdam girls will attest, people now use it perhaps more than they ever did before. This is a club that is going to be absolutely packed, from the front stage to the doors in the back. If you're looking for fun and excitement in the heart of the nightlife, this is it.

The building has a sort of old-school industrial charm. If you've ever been in old factories that have been converted into artists' studios, you know what it's going to feel like in there. There's even some old equipment from the printing days; if you look closely, you may even be able to find some newspapers -— or at least the remains of them. Though the room now booms with the sound of thumping music as the area's top DJs perform, rather than the sound of a printing press at work, it's a great contrast between the old world and the new. And the concrete walls perfectly contain the sound, making it even more wild and noisy than it would be otherwise. You and the Amsterdam escort will have a blast and you can dance until the sun comes up.

The clientele at this place does vary a bit, but it's mostly young people. Some of them come in groups, some come alone, and others come with the Amsterdam escorts. You're going to find college kids, traveling tourists from the United States, Australia, and all over the world, hipsters who live in the city, and other locals who pack this place frequently. It's a great mix, and everyone is just dedicated to having a blast.

If you're going to take the Amsterdam escort to a club like this, you're probably going to want to hit it up late at night. You'll find it at Wibautstraat 131, so a great tactic is to look for other bars and restaurants in that area where you can grab some dinner and pregame with the drinks a bit before walking over to the club. We promise that it will be a night to remember.
December 19, 2014

Maloe Melo, The Center of the Blues Scene in Amsterdam

You may already know that there are a lot of terrific bars that you can check out with Amsterdam escorts. If you're just looking for good food and plentiful drinks, it's not that hard to find. However, what if you want something more? What if you want a unique bar, one that always provides top-notch entertainment, where you and the beautiful girls can spend your entire night? For that, you want to look to the Maloe Melo, the center of Amsterdam's blues scene.

The bar itself is small, packed, and loud. It's the type of place where locals flock because they know how good it is, but tourists might miss it. It simply does not have the glitz and glamor that you find in other places. However, it's important that you don't let this sway your decision at all. This is also a bar that feels real; everything about it is authentic, and it is unmistakably a big part of the city's culture. If you want to avoid the tourist traps and get something better, this is the place for you.

On November 13th, you can see The John Gration Combination. This is a band that advertises itself as music from all around the world, but with a definite 70s influence. That was a different time for rock and roll, and for music in general, and they turn back the clock. You'll hear influences of jazz, blues, pop, rock, folk music, and even celtic tunes. They bring it all together into a terrific blend that will keep you entertained for hours.

The next day, on the 14th of November, you and the Amsterdam escorts can see Lucky and the Flaming Stars. While they start with the blues base, this is a band that is influenced by classic American rock and pop acts, like Elvis Preseley. They also have something of a big-band/swing style to their music. Like the band listed above, they bring a classic style that you'll love if you grew up with that music -– and that may open some new doors for you if you didn't.

Are you a big Johnny Cash fan? If so, you have to be there on the 21st of November. A terrific Cash cover band is coming to the Maloe Melo, and they are called Boys Named Sue. They'll cover all of the classic hits, and they'll probably end on A Boy Named Sue, but you can be sure that they'll bring some of Cash's more obscure tunes, as well. They know his catalog inside and out. If you've been wishing you could have seen Cash again, this is the next best thing.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that they always have jam sessions at the Maloe Melo. If you and the Amsterdam escorts can't get there on one of the dates listed above, or if you're coming after November, just drop on by. They make sure that you always have excellent music to listen to while sipping your beer and getting to know one another.


November 17, 2014

Adult Nightlife in Amsterdam

Looking for something on the sultry side to get in the mood with your Amsterdam escort? Why not check out some of the local strip and sex clubs. After a few drinks at the bar or a little something to smoke, you'll love indulging the senses with these gorgeous women.

While we are certainly open minded in the Netherlands, we don't necessarily have more strip clubs than other big cities. Of course, what we do have is establishments that put on tantalizing shows, from performing waitresses to live couples sex shows. Read below to find out about specific locations.

Where the Big Kids Play

You want to experience something that is unique to Amsterdam, and up to the challenge of your adult tastes. The nightclubs are fun, but certainly have their limits. Go somewhere tailored to your exact desires, and you and your escort won't be disappointed.

Casa Rosso

For those looking to see something sexy, but keep it at arm's length, Casa Rosso is the perfect place. Customers sit in their seats, and are served drinks as performers act out strip teases, live couples sex shows and even soft S&M. Owned by the same folks that own the Banana Bar, Casa Rossos also features the famous Banana Show.

Banana Bar

Run by the people who operate Casa Rosso, the Banana Bar lets you get a bit more up close and personal with the performers. Enjoy the unlimited drinks included in admission fees, and take in the personal attention of some gorgeous women. These ladies are also happy to indulge you with their own special tricks, such as oil showers and more.

La Vie en Proot

This is a true strip club, where you and your date can set the scene by watching classic strippers and getting a lap dance or two. Go go girls, topless girls and pole dancers will keep you entertained as you get a little closer with your date in the seats.

Moulin Rouge

Something with such an iconic name has to be good. This is where you can see an array of tricks, as well as enjoy both male and female performers. Moulin Rouge might be a little smaller than Casa Rosso, but the more intimate setting means you'll just be that much closer to the action.

The Sex Palace Peep Show

When you want something gritty, check out Amsterdam's last peep show. For just a couple euro, you can get a few minutes of action from the same people that bring you the Banana Bar and Casa Rosso. While this location is planning to revamp itself, you'll want to stop in and get a taste of this classic peep show!

Broadening Your Horizons

Amsterdam escorts are open minded ladies who will enjoy accompanying you to one of the many strip and sex clubs. Get yourself in the mood, and have your eyes opened when you see sights not found just anywhere in Europe. These are memories that will stay with you for the long haul!
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