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Relaxation and Recreation: Bovenkerk Coffee Shops

There are coffee shops all over Amsterdam, selling the legal marijuana that you have probably heard so much about, but it can be harder than you'd think to find them if you simply show up in the city and go out looking. Some of the best shops in and around Bovenkerk are not the huge, tourist-traps that you see on the front covers of magazines, as an escort Amsterdam has to offer will attest. Instead, they are smaller, local places where you can get good prices, an excellent selection, and all of the extras that you crave – such as a cozy atmosphere where you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can relax, kick back your feet and enjoy the weed that you bought. So how do you find those shops?

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The first option is simply to ask an Amsterdam escort. We can easily hook you up with these gorgeous girls before you even get here. They are great for companionship when you go out on the town and even better when you get back to bed at the end of the day. However, they can also be your local guides to the city, giving you the inside view. If you ask them where the best shops are and how to find them, you'll be there in mere minutes. These girls love to try new weed, and they'd be happy to take you to a place where you can share it with each other.

Take Our Recommendations

The second way to find excellent shops – maybe you want to get some weed in advance so that you and the escort Amsterdam provides can smoke it together as soon as you meet up – is to take our recommendations. We've looked for some of the top shops in the area, based on both the recommendations from the girls and from other travelers, and we've put together a short list. All of these places are a bit different, but they all can give you what you're after, depending on exactly what you prefer. We've provided the addresses and phone numbers so that you can easily find them.


This place has one of the best menus that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you are going to find. There is a bar up front where you can smoke with the locals, and there is also a smoking room that is located in the back. The Silver Pearl is very good, and they even have hash options, such as Black Bombay. They do serve coffee if you want to drink and smoke at once. While this may be a small shop, you and the escort Amsterdam has given you will enjoy both the selection and the friendly service. You can find the shop at Lange Groenendaal 104, 2801 LV Gouda. If you want to call them, just dial +31 182 514974.


This is a small little shop that not many people from out of town know about, so it is perfect if you want that authentic experience. Being there with the Amsterdam escort will help you get inside since she will clearly be local, acting as your guide to the area. It's close to the water, so many people who go here just buy their weed and then stroll down next to the canal, smoking and exploring the city at once. You can find it at Vest 18, 2801 VE Gouda, though their phone number is unlisted.

Buy Bye

If the play on words in the name doesn't tell you that these people like to be relaxed and friendly, you'll certainly see it as soon as you talk to them. They are very nice, and this shop is usually not too packed since it is down an alley that is somewhat narrow and easy to miss. The menu is small, but they often have a lot of things – like Amnesia Haze – that do not make it to the menu. You just have to talk to the bartender and he or she can hook you up. They have both a smoking area and a lot of seating, so you don't have to buy your weed and leave, as the name implies. They also offer Moroccan hash if you are interested, and they could have different types of hash on a revolving basis; it always changes, so ask to find out what options you really have. This shop is located at Speldenmakerssteeg 8, 2801 XN Gouda. If you want to call before meeting up with the escort Amsterdam has given you, you can dial +31 182 582369.


You have the option at this shop to either buy the weed and smoke it inside or to get it and leave with the escort Amsterdam has given you. The seating area is comfortable, and they have a menu for drinks, weed and much more. The selection is good, with choices like Jack Herer and Orange Bud. We'd recommend hanging around and enjoying yourself, but the fast service also makes it a good choice if you want to get back to the hotel, and we wouldn't blame you if you did. You can find it at Cappenersteeg 30, 2801 XP Gouda. Feel free to call them at +31 182 585172.

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