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Here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24, we deal with a lot of people who are coming to the Netherlands for the first time, and they all tell us one thing: Without an escort, they would have missed out on so much. These people are all thrilled with the time that they had and the stories they get to tell when they get home, but they know that they would not have those stories and memories without an escort Amsterdam provided. Our advice to you, then, is that you should never miss out on what can be the time of your life by not finding a stunning, gorgeous girl to be by your side.

Exploring the City with an Escort Amsterdam Has to Offer

Our girls are as beautiful as can be imagined; you just need to take a few minutes to browse our gallery to see how true that is. However, since many of them were born and raised here, they are also excellent people to ask when you want to find out more about what the city has to offer. Maybe you are interested in the nightlife, the packed clubs with their blaring music and the dark pubs with good, strong beer. Perhaps you are interested in taking the escort Amsterdam has given you to a coffee shop to buy weed, which is totally legal and really easy. Maybe you want to get a good meal, savoring some of the best food in the country. No matter what you're after, these girls can help you find it.

Below are a number of recommendations for places that you do not want to miss, but you should not stop there. Ask the Amsterdam escort if she has any specific places in mind that she things you will love.

Brouwerij 't IJ

This is something that you and the beautiful woman from Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 do not want to miss. Not only is it a brewery where you can get fresh, local beer that is crisp and cold, but it is built into a windmill. It is the quintessential Dutch establishment. The escort Amsterdam has offer you will love showing you around, and it really gives you a link to some of the local culture. As far as the beer itself goes, the Columbus ales come highly recommended. They are very strong and very good. You do have to watch out for them, though, because the locals call tourists who accidentally have too much to drink people who have been “spinmilled”. Enjoy these ales for their robust flavor, but don't take them too quickly. This place is located at Funenkade 7, and the phone number is +31 20 622 8325.

't Smalle

The checkered floor, the polish bar, the backlit glass behind the bar – this gestalt creates an inviting atmosphere that you will love when you come to 't Smalle. You may think that the wooden barrels that are used for decoration are just a nice touch until you find out what they mean: The place was built in 1780, and it was then the Hoppe distillery. Those barrels are a tribute to an era that is now gone, but the timeless feeling remains. If you and the escort Amsterdam has given you want a place with a rich history where you can still get good drinks, this is the best place to go. Plenty of locals still come to the place, so you feel like you are in an exclusive club that has been there for more than 230 years. You can find it at Egelantiersgracht 12, +31 20 623 9617.

The Game

Of course, you and the escort Amsterdam has offered are not just looking for drinks; you also want to get some weed, and The Game is a good place to begin your search. They have weed and hash, but they also will sell you snacks, and they have music on to make it a sweet place to relax. If you are not sure what to try, consider the Silver Bud, which is said to be good, or ask the sexy girl from Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 what she would like the most; there are plenty of options to choose from. You can find the shop at Breestraat 30, 2611 RG Delft and you can call them at +31 15 2147404.


This is a little shop that has been around at least since the 1980s, so it is a local staple. The biggest advantage for you and the escort Amsterdam has to offer is that it is near the stop for the Number 5 bus, so that makes it easy to get there if you are not staying within walking distance. It is pleasant inside, though not as nice as some other shops, but the prices are said to be fantastic. If you are simply getting some weed to take away anyway, why not get it for a price that you love? You and the escort Amsterdam has offered to you can find this shop at Bagijnhof 31, 3311 KE Dordrecht. They have not listed their phone number, but they run pretty standard hours.

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