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An Amsterdam Escort for First-Time Visitors

When you need a tour guide to Amsterdam, make sure that you check us out first here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24. We know that you want to get out and see the town, and our girls have been living here all their lives; there is no one more qualified to give you an insider's view of Amsterdam. You'll find out about all of the coolest spots where the locals go, so your view of the city will be authentic and complete. The escort Amsterdam has to offer can help you find all sorts of places, from historic sites to breweries to coffee shops. The girls can even translate for you so that there is no language barrier.

The Next Level

However, you should know that an escort Amsterdam can provide will go above and beyond what you are going to get from a traditional tour guide. These girls are ravishing and sexy; they are eager and fun-loving. With an Amsterdam escort on your arm, you will turn heads at every street corner and every doorway. The huge plus is that these girls are just as interested in showing you a good time all night long and making your sexual fantasies come true as they are in showing you the city; that's something that you can be sure a standard tour guide won't do!

Escort Service Amsterdam: The Real Experience

At the end of the day, using an escort Amsterdam has to offer as a tour guide is closer to the real experience of being in Amsterdam than you can get otherwise. Not only are the girls going to take you to the local hotspots, but they show you the fun side of a city with legal sexual escapades and legal marijuana. They show you why people here love to drink the cold craft beer and where you can get it. This is what it's like to live in Holland, and you get to experience a little piece of that when you come here. There's nothing better, and there's certainly no better way to really get to know this wonderful country. Now check out the following places that your gorgeous tour guide may take you:

Café Sound Garden

Isn't drinking outside the best? Whoever designed this bar certainly thinks so, and you and the escort Amsterdam has provided for you are surely going to agree. It's right on the canal, so you're looking out over the water from a quaint little brick patio. You can sit under an umbrella and drink your beer, chatting and getting to know each other. Perhaps not the place you want to end the night, but a great place to start, as it really feels relaxing right at dusk. If you're into it, they also have pinball and pool. To find it, go to Marnixstraat 164-166. If you want to call them, just dial +31 20 620 2853.

Okura Hotel

To be fair, this isn't a place that the locals go all of the time, but it's too good to miss. It's high up in the building, giving you and the escort Amsterdam has provided a sweeping view of the city. It is a bit expensive, but the service is terrific, and its a good place for you and the Amsterdam escort to have a great meal along with your choice of wine, bourbon, beer or many other drink options. Everything is done perfectly at this high-class establishment. You can find it at Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 and you should certainly call +31 20 678 7111 to make a reservation.

Dam Square

This is the heart of the city, the main square where everyone goes. It's just one of those things that you have to see while you're here, like Times Square in New York. So many historic events have taken place here; for the girls from our escort service Amsterdam is a home they've known for years, so they can tell you the history and show you everything. For example, Napoleon and his army were received here. Today, you can find restaurants and shops, along with historic buildings like the Royal Palace. If you want to really impress the escort Amsterdam has given you, the Amsterdam Diamond centre is also found in the square. To get there, just go to Centraal Station and then head down the Damrak. It will only take you about five minutes.

The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90

Out of all of the great coffee shops that the escort Amsterdam has provided can take you to, this may be the one you’ve heard of. If you want to skip the crowds, ask her about smaller options, but this one is almost a cultural landmark on its own, from the bright graffiti on the outside to the incredible selection. It's near the water and right in the Red Light District – something else you probably want to see – so it's bound to be a great time. You can find it at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, 1012, and you can call them at 020 6248248.

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