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Your Amsterdam Escort Will Love the History and Nightlife of Haarlemmermeer!

Whether you're landing at Schiphol or making your way here from somewhere else in the Netherlands, Haarlemmermeer is a lovely spot to spend some time with the finest escort Amsterdam has to offer. From its rich history to the bustle of Hoofddorp, this region, named for the lake from which it was reclaimed, will let you and the escort Amsterdam provides take in some of the best of the area.

Visiting the Netherlands can mean so much more than the coffee shops and brothels of Amsterdam. While those things are indeed fabulous, why not broaden your horizons with an Amsterdam escort who likes to show off her country, as well as her physical talents? Haarlemmermeer is the perfect place to experience the most sensual of delights while also getting just a little bit off the beaten path of typical tourist attractions. Your escort Amsterdam has unleashed is ready to get out of the big city and see something new.

Back in the Roman times, an arm of the Rhine River passed through the Haarlemmermeer area, leaving behind water that was essentially a peat bog by the Middle Ages. Lakes in the Netherlands tend to grow over time, and the peat bog became a lake called Haarlemmermeer, situated closely to three smaller lakes. Sometime in the 16th or 17th century, repeated flooding brought the four lakes together, and the larger body of water caused the destruction of villages and the drowning of people. By the 19th century, repeated attempts to drain the lake had failed, and the people turned to pumping with innovative steam mills. After about four years and the discharge of 800 million tons of water, the lake was dry in 1852. Knowing this history can make the trip so much more interesting for you and the escort Amsterdam sends your way.

For You and Your Escort Amsterdam Is Less than an Hour Away

Just because you want to take a break from Amsterdam, it doesn't mean you want to stay away all together. From the main Haarlemmermeer city of Hoofddorp, Amsterdam Central is just 30 minutes away. You and your Amsterdam escort can hop on the train any hour and spend a little time however you please, then come back to Haarlemmermeer in the evening for more adventure.

Of course, there's no need to go to the big city. Why spend your time traveling when you could be doing something more interesting? The escort Amsterdam provides you with will already bring just about all the fun you can handle, so consider keeping it easy with the shopping, restaurants and bars of Hoofddorp and Haarlemmermeer.

What to Do with Your Amsterdam Escort in Haarlemmermeer

To your escort Amsterdam is yesterday's news, as she's probably seen everything it has to offer. This is the perfect chance for both of you to get to know a new place, and Haarlemmermeer won't disappoint. Here are a few suggestions for things to do with your Amsterdam escort.

Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer

Located close to the Schiphol Airport, this museum takes you on a journey of the history of the Haarlemmermeer region. You and the hottest escort Amsterdam has to offer can learn about the area through movies and exhibits, and maybe even enjoy some local art. Be aware that this attraction caters to families, so the two of you will have to behave, at least for a little while. Find out more about the Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer by calling 023 5620437 or stopping in to Bosweg 17, Hoofddorp 2131 LX.

De Pimpernel

Indulge in some sexy, late night French cuisine with an escort Amsterdam is proud of. The two of you can converse over a dinner of seasonal favorites, and discuss your plans for an intimate evening. Be sure to take advantage of a large wine list and spice things up a bit for later. Visit De Pimpernel at Kruisweg 959, Hoofddorp 2132 CD or call 023-5615970 for reservations.


Patronaat is the place to go for Haarlemmermeer nightlife. Located in Haarlem, this music venue brings in some of the best groups and keeps the party going with drink and dancing all night long. While for your escort Amsterdam might supply plenty of nightlife, she'll love getting close with you on the dance floor at Patronaat. The club is located at Zijlsingel 2 2013 DN, and you can learn more by emailing Haarlem or calling 023 - 517 58 50 or 023 - 517 58 58.

Café Studio

Also in Haarlem is Café Studio, a quiet bar by day and a hopping bar at night. Characterized by opulence and elegant warmth, this nighttime hot spot is perfect for you and your Amsterdam escort. Even the most cultured escort Amsterdam can produce will be impressed at the vibe and menu of this excellent cafe and bar. Café Studio may be found at Street Grote Markt 25, and reached via telephone at +31 23 513 00 33.

Vrienden van Marktzicht

Take your Amsterdam escort for an upscale dinner at Vrienden van Marktzicht in Hoofddorp. Sleek and airy décor is coupled with beautiful food presentation for a wonderful balance of elegance and relaxation. If, according to your escort, Amsterdam is the only place for upscale restaurants, surprise her with a trip to Vrienden van Marktzicht. Visit Marktplein 31, Hoofddorp 2132 DA, or call +31 23 576 7107 to make a reservation.

Make the Most of Your Time in Haarlemmermeer with an Amsterdam Escort

Nothing makes a business or pleasure trip complete more than the finest escort Amsterdam can send to you. Here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24, we work hard to make sure your escort is the woman of your dreams, and that you're ready to take on Haarlemmermeer and the surrounding region. Don't let this chance to experience the best of the Netherlands with a gorgeous and sexy woman pass you by!

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