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Hazel’s Long Blonde Hair Is Just the Start of Something Beautiful

Hazel is one of our most popular Amsterdam escorts, and it only takes one glance at her to know why. She’s quite the hottie! From tan legs that go on for miles and long blonde hair you can lose your fingers in, Hazel has that sensual girl-next-door look. In addition to her hot little ass, she has handfuls of beautiful breasts that simply call out to be caressed.

Quick-witted and Smart, Hazel Wants Someone to Make Her Laugh

You’ll quickly find out that Hazel loves to laugh. She’s always one with quick retort that will keep you off-balance. She loves a good practical joke, but when it comes down to the bedroom, she’s serious about giving her man pleasure. There’s nothing more satisfying to this escort Amsterdam brings you. She certainly has the body to do so!

Hazel'a a Great Date but Even Better in the Sack!

You won’t feel uncomfortable around this beauty because her quick smile and easy demeanor puts people right at ease. Enjoy a day strolling around town, shopping or soaking up the rays on the beach. You’re sure to get some envious stares no matter where you go. When you day is winding down, head back to the room and get to know why Hazel is an Amsterdam escort in high demand.

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Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy Hazel’s companionship. She’s waiting to hear from you. However, she books up quickly, so the sooner you can phone in, the better.

Hazel is wearing a very thin white shoulder less t-shirt with no bra and short gray exercise shorts
Close up view of Hazel's face with her hand on her clothed breasts 
Hazel kneeling on patio recliner pulling her shorts down head tilted seductively 
Hazel pictured at an angle while pulling her shirt above her bare breasts and nipples
Hazel bending over with her naked bubble butt pointed towards the camera
Hazel with legs spread and vagina exposed holding pussy lips open with her fingers and her breasts out of her shirt
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