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Discover True Fine Dining in Heemstede

One of the best parts about visiting any city, especially when you go out with a beautiful escort Amsterdam has to offer, is exploring the culinary delights that the city has to offer. Is there any better way to really get to know what a culture is like than to eat the local food, to sit in the hotspots that people in the area love, and to listen to chatter all around you in a language that may be as foreign to your ear as any that you have ever heard? Eating out, like almost nothing else that you can do with an escort Amsterdam has to offer, can really help you explore and get to know the people of the Netherlands.

The French Influence

One thing that you should know before leaving with the sexy girl that we can provide for you here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 is that there is a heavy French influence in the area. There are, of course, traditional Dutch restaurants as well, but you will find that the two often blend together to create something brand new. If you love French cooking, you are going to find a lot to love in Heemstede. The mix with traditional Dutch cooking also ensures that each dish is unique, so you will feel like you are getting something that can only be found in Amsterdam.

The Top Restaurants

Many travelers are just in town for a day or two on business. Even those who stay for pleasure – something that the Amsterdam escort can give you to no end, we assure you – are usually only here for a week or so. In such a short timeframe, it is important to end up at some of the best restaurants in town. To make that easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of our top choices. We recommend that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you start here, and then you can branch out if you like, as you get to know the town.

Southern Cross

Named for the Southern Cross, the stars depicted on the Australian flag, this restaurant is truly unique in the area because it carries a wide array of Australian cuisine. That's just something that you do not often find here, and the options can be tremendous. They have a five-course meal options that gives you and the escort Amsterdam has provided all of the food that you want for a good price, and the cook is creative with his options, so you know that you'll have something interesting and new. Whether that includes a seared steak cooked just the way you like it, shrimp done in the Australian-grill style or something else entirely is up to you. The decorations – like the kangaroo crossing signs – create a memorable atmosphere. Check this place out at Zandvoortselaan 24, Heemstede, or call them at 023 521 99 92.

Cheval Blanc

This is a French dining establishment with all of the bells and whistles, and you'll feel the need to dress to impress when you see the décor. Choose from different meal options, including a three-course and a four-course meal, and pair it with any wine that you like; the wine list looks like a copy of War and Peace, and with that many options, you can always find one that you'll enjoy. The escort Amsterdam has provided for you will love the pristine presentation, on gleaming white dishes, and the airy feel of the restaurant with its tall glass windows. You can find it at Jan van Goyenstraat 29, Heemstede 2102 CA, and you definitely want to make a reservation by calling +31 235 293173.

Brasseri Sanz

As you know, the French influence is huge here, and this is another restaurant in that same vein. You and the Amsterdam escort will find it to be a little less formal though, trading in some of the black and white tones for wicker chairs, bright cushions, wood tables and a lot of character. The beauty of this is that the prices are lower, but the quality is higher than you would expect. It's a great balance if you want a wide choice of wine options and French cuisine without the inflated bill. As far as food options, a few examples include the three-course meal, the mosterd soup that is topped with herbs, and the cheese platter, but that is just a tiny sample of everything this place has to offer. You can find it at Jan van goyenstraat 31, Heemstede.

Landgoed Groenendaal

Maybe you're not looking for a place to go to dinner, but for a place where you and the escort Amsterdam has to offer can enjoy breakfast or brunch after spending a wonderful night together. If so, this is the first place to look, as those early meals are their speciality. There is an outdoor terrace where you can eat with the escort Amsterdam has given you, and the service is terrific. Depending on what time you decide to eat, they serve both coffee and wine, so you can get the day going however you desire. Check it out by going to Groenendaal 3, Heemstede 2104 WP. You can also call them at 023 5281555.

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We hope that you have found this list to be helpful and that you are closer to picking out a great restaurant. Maybe you're already thinking about calling in to make reservations. Before you do, we urge you to call us and set up your date with one of the sexy women in our gallery. You know that you'll have a better time eating out with an Amsterdam escort on your arm. We would love to make that possible. Please head over to our contact page to learn more, and do not hesitate to call us or email us at any time!

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