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The Top Hillegom Restaurants for 2014

When you set foot in Hillegom with an escort Amsterdam has provided on your arm, you want to get out and find the best restaurants in town. If you don't speak the language and this is your first time in town, you may feel rather overwhelmed. There is so much to see and do; how do you find the places that you really want to go, the places that you can take an escort Amsterdam has given you to impress her? You want to put your best foot forward, after all, giving her the best date she's ever had so that you can have the best night you've ever had.

If you've been worried at all about finding the top places in town, let us help you out. We can quickly and easily point you in the right direction. Are you looking for international food that you will recognize and love? Do you want to try something local so that you can really begin to understand the city and its people, and share the meal with the escort Amsterdam has given you? No matter which direction you're leaning, there are Hillegom restaurants for you.

BBQ Restaurant Hillegom

This one has to top the list for originality if nothing else; you don't find very many BBQ joints in Amsterdam. Not only is this one unique, though, but it also provides excellent food, whether you want ribs that have been cooked to that they are so tender they fall off the bone, barbequed chicken with an incredible sauce, or something else. You and the Amsterdam escort will love this food paired with a good cold beer, and they offer both local and international beer options. They also have fish and salads if you'd like. The atmosphere here is more aimed at being cozy than fancy, but you and the escort Amsterdam has given you are sure to enjoy it. You can find it at Hoofdstraat168, Hillegom.

Seray Bistroriental

If you are more after fine dining, this is an excellent place to look. You'll spot bicycles parked along the wrought iron fence out front, and going inside reveals a clean, modern restaurant with white walls, colored feature walls, and rustic wooden bars. If you would rather eat outside, they also have a brick terrace with cushioned wooden chairs. The food itself is Asian and Indonesian in style, and everything comes on pristine white plates with excellent presentation. They pride themselves on offering you and the escort Amsterdam has given you an array of flavors without going so far that salt and spice wash out the flavor of the food itself. The balance is perfect, and you will want to come back again. You can find this place at Van den Endelaan 36, Hillegom.

Het Alternatief

Carrying European cuisine, this stately restaurant has more of a traditional flare to it; even just walking up to it and looking at the brick construction gives you a sense of the traditional atmosphere that you'll find inside. Again, this restaurant has an outdoor terrace, but it is especially nice here because the sweeping roof moves out over the terrace, protecting you from the sun and the elements. Inside, there is a circular fireplace that is both quaint and comforting on a cold day. You and the escort Amsterdam has to offer will find that the prices are great; you can usually get a meal for around 14 euros. They have a nice wine list; it's not that extensive, but the vintages that they have are great. You can find it at Hoofdstraat 29, Hillegom 2181. If you want to make a reservation, please call them at (0252) 688 668.


If you and the Amsterdam escort want some spicy Indian food, look no further than Avtar. It's not a big place, but that makes it feel cozy and exclusive once you get inside. You can choose to sit up at the bar if you would like, but they will give you one of the little tables near a window if you call and make a reservation. Either option is great, though getting a table gives you more time to spend alone with the escort Amsterdam has provided. The price is very good, especially for such authentic food. Choose from dishes like Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tandoori, Lamb Tikka, Butter Chicken and much more. You can find this place at Weeresteinstraat 77, Hillegom, and you can call them at 31252505222.

De Soete Suikerbol

This is not your typical restaurant, but it is more of a tea room; it's a great place to take the escort Amsterdam has given you to impress her and show her your more gentle side. It's also a good way to end the evening – at least, before you get back to the hotel – because you can get excellent desserts like warm pancakes. This tea room can be found at Hoofdstraat 34A, Hillegom 2181 ED. If you would like to give them a call first, you can just dial (0)252 52 22 87.

Contacting Escort Amsterdam 24 Girls to Learn More

We know that the above information is just a start, but we are confident that it will be a good one. When you pick one of these restaurants, you and the Amsterdam escort are going to be eating and drinking in style, well on your way to a night to remember. Please get in touch with us today – everything you need to know is on the contact page – to learn more. We can give you more recommendations, tell you more about the city, or set up your date with one of our sexy girls. Please call or email us right now!

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