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Lanny Loves Lace and Luxury!

Lanny loves luxurious things, such as fine wine, expensive clothes and first-class treatment. She loves the feel of lace and silk against her skin, although leather is quite pleasurable to her as well. If you want an Amsterdam escort that will make you feel like a million bucks, it’s time to get in touch with this dark-haired seductress. She knows how to make a man feel wanted and satiated.

Lanny's More Subtle Assets Don’t Include Her Body

Lanny left law school to pursue “other endeavors.” As one of our most requested escorts, Lanny knows that many men want intriguing and intelligent conversation, as well as someone talented in the art of sex. Lanny surpasses most in these areas. She’s traveled around the world and can feel at home at in a bar with a beer or at a formal dinner with heads of state.

Lanny’s Long Tresses, Dark Eyes and Curvaceous Body Are Waiting

Run your hands through Lanny’s silken hair. Watch as her eyes become even darker with passion. Press her body against yours. We know that this Amsterdam escort will give you hours of intense pleasure. She’s ready to hear from you now and promises you more pleasure than you can imagine.

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Don’t miss your chance to spend some time with luscious Lanny. Her dates book quickly, so make the call now to ensure you’ve got some time scheduled in, too. This is one Amsterdam escort you certainly won’t want to miss.

Lanny taking a selfie with cleavage. she's holding the camera up and pointing the camera down.
Lanny taking a photo of herself holding the camera up and pointing down towards her cleavage and removing her top and bra from her shoulder
Lanny holding the camera away from her body and taking a selfie of her single exposed breast and nipple. kitchen in background. 
Lanny taking a selfie of her bare breasts with head tilted and no smile
Lanny taking a photo of herself smiling with both breasts exposed
Lanny naked from the waist up taking a selfie while holding her vagina over her jeans with her right hand
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