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Grace and Style: Fine Dining in Leimuiden

Taking an escort Amsterdam has provided out to dinner is your first chance to impress her. These beautiful women love fine dining, whether that means drinking a glass of wine by candlelight, eating incredible French cuisine – which is very popular here – or both. When you read the bios for these women on the gallery page here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24, you can find out which girls like this the most, but it's safe to say that they're all up for a great night out. If you really want to put your best foot forward, you need to find the top restaurants in Leimuiden.

A Cultural Center

Leimuiden is something of a culture center in Amsterdam, which means that it has many options to choose from. After you and the escort Amsterdam has given you get done with a fun day of exploring the city, visiting the tourist attractions, smoking the legal marijuana and anything else that you decide to do together, sitting down to a relaxing meal at a great restaurant is the perfect way to get the evening started. Afterward, you can head out to a club or a bar, or you can slip back to the hotel room for some real fun together, but you should start at one of these restaurants.

De Rozeboom

This restaurant offers terrific Belgian cuisine, which gives you a break from the staples in the area: French and Dutch cuisine. If you and the Amsterdam escort are looking to change things up a bit, this is one way to do it and still get a meal that you are sure to love. It is right by the Drecht River, and they have an outdoor terrace, so it provides the perfect atmosphere for the two of you to share a bottle of wine after your meal. The prices are good and the service is terrific; they go out of their way to make sure that you get your meal quickly. You can find this restaurant at Dorpsstraat 1, Leimuiden 2451an, The Netherlands. You certainly are going to want to call first to reserve a table, and you can do so by dialing 0172508562.

Cafe Rene

The beauty of this place, besides the very reasonable prices, is that it is close to the airport. If you are just arriving, this could be a great place to meet the escort Amsterdam has to offer for the first time. The two of you can share a good meal and drinks before venturing off to explore more. The fish comes highly recommended, and they sometimes have a chef's special that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can consider; this is known as the Fish of the Day. The dessert options are also very good, giving you the perfect way to finish off your meal. This cafe is located at Dorpsplein 10, 2451 AD, Leimuiden, The Netherlands.

Bij Rene

Don't let the similar name fool you; Bij Rene and Cafe Rene are very different, both with their own charms. This restaurant focuses on having excellent Dutch cuisine and a superior wine list. They are closed on Monday and on Tuesday, but they are open for the rest of the week, making them into quite the hotspot on the weekends. The fish and meat selections change constantly, so you can be sure that the choices are fresh and enticing. The service is quick, the staff is friendly, and this is a fabulous place to spend some time with an Amsterdam escort. You will find it at Dorpsplein 22, Leimuiden, The Netherlands.

de Chinese Muur

Keeping up with the trend of offering you and the escort Amsterdam has given you the variety that you both want, there is also a Chinese restaurant that you can check out. The decorations are beautiful, the dining area is spacious, and they give you authentic food that will make you want to come back for more. The buffet-style setup means that you can load your plate with a huge selection of rice, vegetables, beef, chicken and much more, rather than having to stick to only what you ordered. If you can't decide what you're in the mood to eat, this is the best place to go with the escort Amsterdam has provided for you. It can be found at Noordeinde 3, Leimuiden, Netherlands. For reservations or to learn more, just call +31 172 509 762.

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These are just a few suggestions for what you can do while you are in Leimuiden. You are free to talk to the girl and pick any place that you want, but we think you'll be hard pressed to find anything better. Let us do the research so that you can concentrate on having fun. To ensure that you have a great time, why not look at the girls in the gallery on our site? They have full photo galleries, comprehensive bios and everything else that you need to find the escort Amsterdam has to offer who can help make this the perfect trip. Check it out right now so that you can begin imagining which girl you are going to take to one of the restaurants listed above.

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