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The Top Five Attractions and Restaurants near Nieuwebrug

Once you meet up with an escort Amsterdam has to offer, you are going to be astounded. The girls are friendly, beautiful and fun to be around. They love to talk and hang out, they love to smoke and drink, they enjoy a good meal as much as anyone else, and they really love taking you to bed! Here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24, we can help you meet some of the most attractive women in Nieuwebrug, and you're going to love every minute of your time together. That only leaves you with one burning question: What should you do?

If you need some suggestions or a short guide to the city, we've got it. We can help you find the top five attractions in Nieuwebrug. Keep in mind that these are just the top of the list; there are far more things that you can check out as well. Transportation here is easy to find, by car or by rail, so you can go all over the Hemp City and enjoy yourself, whether you're looking for the Dam Square, the Red Light District, the local breweries, or something else altogether. Why not start with these things after you meet up with the escort Amsterdam has to offer?

Very quickly, it's worth noting that Nieuwebrug is quite small on its own, so we've branched out a bit to give you nearby attractions as well. We hope you'll enjoy all of your options, as this is a very beautiful and walkable city, so getting to the next thing on your list is easy.

De Nieuwe Brug

This restaurant is also named after the bridge – it means “The New Bridge” in Dutch – and it has terrific pancakes, along with an assortment of other dishes. The staff are friendly and nice, making you and the Amsterdam escort feel welcome. They have two main cuisine styles that they focus on, which are Belgian and Dutch. If you're there earlier in the day, the lunch menu is terrific. This is not to say that the dinner menu is lacking, but they do focus more on light food and then a lot of people show up in the evening to have the pancakes as a dessert. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you can find this restaurant at Lemelerweg 13, Ommen 7731 PR, The Netherlands. You can call them at 0529-451723.

The Central Square

This quaint little town does not have much of the big city feel that you can get elsewhere, and that is really going to be reflected if you and the escort Amsterdam has provided take a stroll through the town square. It is rich in history and charm, both of which you want to see before you go. There are little statues that stand around the square, which were made by the artist Iris Le Rutte, who put them together for the 750th anniversary of the town. One is a goat, one is a black horse, and all are connected to historic legends about the town.


As you may have noticed, some of the best attractions in town revolved around food, and this is no exception. You and the escort Amsterdam has given you will love this little bakery, which, like the restaurant listed above, focuses on both Dutch and Belgian cooking. The prices are more than reasonable, and they cook everything fresh each day, so you and the Amsterdam escort are sure to get a mouth-watering meal. You can find it at Stationsweg 1, Ommen 7731 AW, The Netherlands. If you want to call, do so by dialing 0529 - 45 17 82.


This place does it all: Belgian dishes, French cuisine, vegetarian options and excellent Dutch cooking along more traditional routes. It's a wide open restaurant with tall ceilings and wood floors, making it both comfortable and modern for you and the escort Amsterdam has given you. They offer terrific dishes like smoked salmon, which can be paired with a nicely chilled white wine. If you and the escort Amsterdam gave you would like to sit outside, you can also dine on the terrace, which is quite relaxing and romantic. This restaurant is located at Stationsweg 29, Ommen 7731 AX, The Netherlands, and their phone number is 0529-451945.


Last but in no way least is a terrific place with one of the best wine selections that you are going to find: Jipp. If you want to order a fine vintage to show the escort Amsterdam has given you your taste and style, this is great spot to do it, and the two of you will love getting to know each other over a bottle. As for food, they have fresh bread, fish, olives, duck, steamed vegetables, fries and much else. The food is well prepared and they are more than happy to help you match it with a wine. You can find the restaurant at Kerkplein 3, Ommen 7731 CS, and you can call them at 0529-456770.

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We hope that you won't leave Nieuwebrug until you're satisfied, until you've have a great time, and we also hope that this list can help you do it. We're confident that our sexy girls can ensure that you have the time of your life in all sorts of other ways. If you are interested in meeting up with an Amsterdam escort while you're here, just look at the options in the gallery to learn a bit more about what they have to offer. After you do so, give us a call, and we can make everything happen according to your fantasies! The sooner you give us that call, the sooner everything will be in place. The girls are waiting to meet you with eager anticipation, so do not make them wait too long!

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