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The Rijsenhout Experience: Starting with Coffee Shops

Are you on the hunt for coffee shops in Rijsenhout? Whether you are from the area or visiting for a short time, finding the best weed is a must. It can help you and an escort Amsterdam has provided relax and enjoy yourselves. You can smoke it while you walk down by the water, sit on a soft leather sofa in the shop itself, or lounge in your hotel room and enjoy everything that these beautiful women have to offer. An escort Amsterdam can provide makes the trip to the Netherlands the most memorable vacation of your life, but it starts with finding those shops. Where should you look?

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Not only can we find you the Amsterdam escort of your dreams, but we are willing to help you out with the whole experience, from beginning to end. We know this city so well, our girls know it even better than we do, and we've all worked together to come up with a list of some of the top shops in the city. There are hundreds, but why wade through that list when you can begin here? Most of the best options are outside of Rijsenhout itself, so we've made this list to help you find shops that may otherwise not have been discovered. We have stuck with shops that are fairly close, though, to save you on travel time.

The best shop for one person will not necessarily be the best for another. To make sure that we find one that you like, we have tried to give you some variety and options. Some of the shops are great little places where you just want to stop in for a cheap bag of weed and then leave for somewhere a bit nicer; others are so nice that you're probably not going to want to leave for hours, just enjoying the atmosphere and the clientele along with the weed. However, those are not as ideal if you're looking to get to the next great bar or brewery in town – or if you have seen what a gorgeous escort Amsterdam can offer you, and you just want to get her back to the hotel. Choose carefully so that you find the shop that gives you what you are after.

Super Fly

There may not be that many coffee shops in Rijsenhout itself, but there are some nearby options that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you are sure to love. One of these is Super Fly, an out-of-the-way shop located over a garage. It is remote, but it has a terrific selection. You can get Purple Haze, Nepali hash, and much more. The atmosphere is good, with football on the TV, plenty of seating and couches were you can really lounge. Since it is a fair distance from the city center, the prices are way better than what you'll find elsewhere, with some options for as little as 5 euros. You can find it at Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS Hoofddorp, and you can call them to check on the hours – which are a bit more restricted than the shops in the city – by dialing +31 23 5556945.

Coffeeshop 208

This little place is dedicated to take-away purchases. If you're looking for somewhere to sit around and smoke, this isn't it. If you're looking to get the weed or hash quickly and head off to do something else with the escort Amsterdam has given you, this place is perfect, with their good selection and fast service. It's a little building that blends in along the street, so look for the bright red sign out front. They don't have a phone number to call, but the shop is located at Oudegracht 208, 3511 NR Utrecht.


This is one of those shops where you always get the best, but that does mean that you have to pay a bit more; typical purchases run up to 10 or 20 euros. This is prime weed and hash, though, so it's definitely worth it. You can sit inside and smoke, but the counter is right by the door, and they make you buy something before you go inside. This is really nice for you and the Amsterdam escort because you don't have to deal with people loitering, and you can always find a seat. It's located at Vismarkt 23, 3511 KS Utrecht, and the phone number is +31 30 2328665.

Bordeaux Rood

The maroon canopies over the windows make this place easy to find, as the name is written on them in white. It's a good thing, too, because this is otherwise a nondescript building from the outside. Once you get inside, though, you and the escort Amsterdam has given you are going to love it because the selection is so good. The prices are what people rave about, with a lot of options as low as 5 euros. You can also get larger bags for 12.50. The staff is friendly, the seats are comfortable, and the overall atmosphere is just what you want in a chill little marijuana bar. You and the escort Amsterdam has offered you can find it at Voorstraat 81, 3512 AL Utrecht.

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Do you still have questions? Do you want to set up a date with one of these girls, or do you want to ask one if she has any other shops that she would recommend for prime weed? We have put all of the information that you need right on our contact page for your convenience, and we hope you will call or email us soon. The sooner you do it, the sooner you get to meet a smoking hot Amsterdam escort!

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