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Discover What Sassenheim Has to Offer

Have you been to Sassenheim before? Many visitors are here for the first time, and everything can make you feel a bit out of your element, from the language to the historic buildings to the bustling crowds of friendly locals. It draws you in, but it also shows just how far you may be from home. That is why going out with a gorgeous escort Amsterdam can provide is the ideal solution. These charming girls will help you fit right in, they will translate for you, and they can show you around. There is more to this place and the surrounding area than meets the eye, and an escort Amsterdam has to offer can help you find it.

To get you started, though, we here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 have put together a short guide to Sassenheim that we think you're going to love. Don't miss things like so many tourists do because they do not take the time for a little bit of research. Read through what we've given you, then get ready to go out and have an Amsterdam escort help you really enjoy it in a whole new way. We want you to love Sassenheim as much as we do, and this is the best way to get started.

Kennemer Golf and Country Club

Do you want to play a few holes of golf while you're in the city? Maybe you want to show off to the escort Amsterdam has given you by putting up your best score ever while she sips wine and watches you from the country club, or maybe joins you on the fairway and gives you a run for your money. This nearby golf course is the best place to do it, with a sprawling main building where the two of you can relax and drink after you are done. The course, which was founded in 1910, is not too difficult, but you certainly are going to be challenged. Show off for the escort Amsterdam has given you when you go to Kennemerweg 78, 2042 XT, Zandvoort. You can call to set up your times at 23-05-2014.

Los Canales de Leiden

Amsterdam in general is famous for its incredible canal system, and this is a beautiful one that you should make sure you see before you leave. You and the escort Amsterdam has provided may even want to rent out a boat and see the city in a brand new way. The houses look beautiful from the water, all pressed up against the side of the canal, and it's a great place for a romantic evening boat ride. It's also very easy to stop in for drinks and dinner at one of the little places on the shore. You can start by going to Kagerdreef 18, Sassenheim, and you can call to learn more by dialing 0058999689757.

Molenviergang Nr. 3

This is far from the only windmill in the country, but it is both historic and beautiful, and it's easy to find. Windmills are such a part of the culture here, and the Amsterdam escort will love telling you all about how they have been used over the years – for example, in moving the water through the system of peat lakes. This one is still in operation, and there is something incredible about watching the blades spin in the breeze. They're always far bigger in person than they look in pictures, and they have a historic element, being made of brick and wood, that is really engaging. This one does have some modern updates, but not enough that it detracts from the charm. You can find this windmill at Kortsteekterweg 24, 2407 AG.

Café Malle Babbe

This is a excellent cafe, and the outdoor seating is what really makes it so perfect. Why not swing by one of the coffee shops before you go, pick up some weed, and then smoke it while you enjoy food and drinks at the table? This is an incredible way to relax, just watching the people on the street and talking with the beautiful girl across from you. The cafe itself is in a tall brick building, the patio out front is covered in brick pavers and there is an area to park bikes if you decide that renting them out is the best way for you and the escort Amsterdam provided to get around.

Of course, that's only if you're going to stop in during the day. If you're looking for a place to party and have a good time, come back at night. It's basically a dance club inside, packed to the doors with young people enjoying their weed and alcohol to the fullest. Bright colored lights set the scene for throbbing music, shots are always flowing, and there are taps for many local beers that you may never have tried before. The two-story interior has great décor, with a modern flare, and everyone knows that this is the place to be on a Friday night. You can find it at Nieuwe Bestenmarkt 19/21, 2312 CG, Leiden. You can call them at 024 7503204.

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