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Visit Vijfhuizen with an Amsterdam Escort

Once you have your escort Amsterdam companion, whisk her away just 30 minutes west to the historical village of Vijfhuizen. It lies along the Spaarne River in the province of North Holland and is only four kilometers from Haarlem. Come here for the day or stay a few nights. Either way, the community of 4,300 inhabitants will be there to welcome you.

What to do in Vijfhuizen

Vijfhuizen is rich with history, art, and outdoor activities. Spend the day at the Fort Vijfhuizen, walk along the Spaarne River, take a guided bike tour, visit the Genie Shed or spend the evening seeing an outdoor movie. The day is sure to be filled with fun for you and the escort Amsterdam provides.

Fort Vijfhuizen

Fort Vijfhuizen is, by far, the most important landmark to see in the village of Vijfhuizen. It was part of the Stelling van Amsterdam that was built in the 1800s and 1900s as a way to fortify Amsterdam. Stelling van Amsterdam literally means “defense line of Amsterdam” and Vijfhuizen houses an important piece of it. Come and stay for a few hours and learn the history of the fort. You can download the Stelling Tour app on your smartphone and get interactive guided tours of the inside and outer parts of the fort. It will even give you updates of exhibitions and events that are currently being held at the fort.

Fort Vijfhuizen is now home to 12 art studios and a restaurant. The art studios hold regular exhibitions and are perfect for a short afternoon date. Once you’ve walked through the art exhibition, try the Restaurant ‘t Fort. It’s located in the fort itself and is perfect for a quick coffee or a casual salad and sandwich. From there, you can experience the new Genie Shed. Its new design was decided on in 2010, and it’s called the “Silver Bullet”. The new architectural design is used to house art exhibitions.

Biking and hiking

If you and your escort Amsterdam provides love the outdoors, then Vijfhuizen is definitely the ideal weekend location. The village of Vijfhuizen has a wonderful maze of biking routes, all of which you can take as a guided tour or grab a map and take off on your own. Try one of the fifteen routes… Or try them all! One of the best is the Fort Route to see where the Stelling van Amsterdam was erected in the 1800-1900s. From there you can take the Haarlemmermer route and see the string of forts that were part of the Stelling van Amsterdam are in and around Vijfhuizen.

If you would prefer to walk, try one of the village’s 34 “Forbidden Circuits”. These circular walking trails are offered as guided tours given by a local. You will walk throughout the village and learn various bits of history about Vijfhuizen. If you prefer to walk on your own without a guide, then try a leisurely walk along the Spaarne River. You can stay close to town or follow it to an adjacent village; just you, your Amsterdam escort and the natural surroundings.

Vijfhuizen Bridge

The Vijfhuizen Bridge crosses the ringvaart and is located a little north of the Vijfhuizen Fort. This is the perfect spot to take a picture, as it shows pieces of classic Dutch architecture mixed with elements of modern western life. Take the short walk across the bridge and visit the windmill Vijfhuizen for another look at Dutch history.

Vijfhuizen Park

This green space is a staple in the northern part of Holland. It is the perfect location for eating a picnic on the grass or exploring the outdoors. Renting a couple of bikes and going through a few trails is the ideal way to make memories and get to know the local area.


The best place to stay in Vijfhuizen is the Hotel de Zoete Inval, located at Haarlemmerstraatweg 183, 2065 AE Haarlemmerliede. It has earned a rating of 8.1 out of 10 and is perfect for staying a night or two. Not only does the hotel have comfortable rooms, but it also has a restaurant, a bar and even a bowling center. It’s perfect for staying in for the night with the escort Amsterdam provides. Phone 31 23 543 3333 for reservations.


Vijfhuizen has two amazing options for fine dining, whether it is for brunch, tea, lunch or dinner. The first option is Alberto’s Grand Café, located at Vijfhuizerdijk 3, 2141 BA Vijfhuizen. This local steakhouse offers lunch, dinner and tapas. Their indoor dining room is lush and comfortable while their outdoor dining terrace offers a lovely view of the Spaarne River. Call 31 23 558 0254 for more information. If you are looking for brunch or high tea, then try Koperen Hemel, which can be found at Kromme Spieringweg 489, 2141 AJ Vijfhuizen. Their gourmet options for both brunch and tea are perfect for a morning or mid-day meal. In Vijfhuizen, you can eat well any time of day. Call 31 23 558 0710 for more information.

A romantic evening out

Nothing is better than having a romantic nighttime date in a quiet getaway spot. Pack a blanket, some wine and a light meal, and bring it with you to the outdoor movie nights held at the Vijfhuizen Fort. They offer a variety of movies and documentaries for only a few euros. Snuggle up and enjoy the outdoors and the movie of the night. It’s a great way to be around the local people while enjoying time with your Amsterdam escort.

Fun getaways with Escort Amsterdam Girls 24

Look to Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 to have the most fun in Amsterdam and up to the northern part of Holland. The Netherlands has rich history and natural sights for the day and fun no-limit adventures at night. Visit the village of Vijfhuizen and experience the natural surroundings and decadent food. Meet the local people on a guided tour or strike out on your own. Spend the day here with your escort and see how much fun it can be!

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