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Enjoy the Dune and Bulb Region with a Visit to Voorhout

Voorhout is a town located in the province of South Holland. The towns of Sassenheim and Warmond combine with Voorhout to form part of the Teylingen municipality. Voorhout is located in the Dune and Bulb Region of the country -- something that the Netherlands is famous for around the world. Your Amsterdam escort can likely provide more information about this area, which is one of the most visited in the country.

You will find many places to explore in Voorhout and the surrounding areas. Panorama Tulipland and the Ruins of Teylingen are two that draw many visitors. For those who seek an expertly prepared meal, there are a couple of options in nearby Sassenheim. During a trip to that town, you may also wish to boat down the canals. It’s a terrific way to really get a feel for Sassenheim, and it’s easy to stop off and shop for bit.

Panorama Tulipland and Bulb Fields -- Come See Why the Netherlands Are Famous for Their Tulips

Your Amsterdam escort can likely tell you that this is an area you must see when in Voorhout. In fact, it’s quite hard to miss. The flowers are in bloom in March, April and May, so that is the best time to visit. There are walking, bicycling and vehicle routes throughout the fields, giving you and the escort Amsterdam provided several choices as to how you want to see the floral beauties. While it may be difficult to match the beauty of your Amsterdam escort, this is definitely a must-see. It’s located in Voorhout, and you can phone for more information 31 252 222 777.

The Ruins of Teylingen -- A Walk into the Past

The Ruins of Teylingen is an old castle that is on the way to Voorhout from Sassenheim. It’s only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1400 to 1700. It overlooks the bulb field and provides a wonderful history on the area. For those who love medieval castles, this is another destination that is certainly worth your time. It’s located at Teylingerlaan 15a, Voorhout 2215 RT. If you would like more information, simply phone 31 252 211597.

Museum de Zwarte Tulp: Learn More About the History of Tulips

The Museum de Zwarte Tulp is quite small but very informative. It’s located at Grachtweg 2a, Lisse 2161 HN and is only open in the afternoons. There are many terrific exhibits here, which you and yoru Amsterdam escort are sure to enjoy. There are also DVD presentations in multiple languages. You’ll gain a greater understanding of this industry in the country. Phone 0252-417900 for more information.

Los Canales de Leiden: Enjoy a Romantic Cruise in the Canals of Sassenheim

You and your Amsterdam escort will enjoy a leisurely cruise in the canals of Sassenheim, just a short distance from Voorhout. You can float along the calm waters, getting a firsthand view of the true essence of the town. You can also stop to have lunch or shop. It's the best way to view the magnificent houses and fields, although it almost appears as if the boats are floating through the countryside. The main office located at Kagerdreef 18, Sassenheim. Call 0058999689757 for more information.

Da Noi: A Hidden Gem of a Restaurant

This restaurant may be one of the best kept secrets in Sassenheim. Located at Hoofdstraat 167a, Sassenheim, many of the rave reviews of Da Noi came from those who went after reading other reviews. They serve a variety of Italian dishes and an extensive wine list, the service is said to be as good as it gets, and the food is simply terrific. Perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Phone 31 252 752 688 for reservations.

Ozzo Sushi & Lounge: A Taste of Japan in the Middle of Sassenheim

Perhaps you’d like to take your Amsterdam escort out for a bit of sushi. Well, you’re in luck. Ozzo Sushi & Lounge has just what you are looking for. With a wonderful menu full of dishes to share or keep to yourself, you are sure to impress your Amsterdam escort with your knowledge of all things sushi. The motto of Ozzo is “shared dinner,” so you and your escort Amsterdam provided can truly become a bit closer over this fine meal. For more information, please phone 31 25 2219019.

Enjoy Your Time in Voorhout with an Amsterdam Escort

There is little doubt that you and your companion will enjoy your time in Voorhout and the surrounding areas. This beautiful little section of the world is truly romantic, with all the flowers and canals. Your Amsterdam escort will appreciate your willingness to see what her country is known best for. Some of the world’s finest flowers come from the Dune and Bulb region.

After you have spent the day exploring and enjoying a terrific meal, it’s time to head back to your hotel and really get to know one another. You have likely been looking forward to this moment all day and your Amsterdam escort will not disappoint. Be prepared for an intense night of pleasure that will keep going as long as you can.

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