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You, a Beautiful Woman, and a Tour of Vrouwenakker

Are you coming to Vrouwenakker for a short stay, either for pleasure or business, and hoping that you'll get to see a bit of the city while you're here? Maybe you have taken too many trips where you live in hotel rooms and airports, and you want to get out and really explore, turning what could have been mundane into an adventure. If so, the best way to go for it is with a beautiful woman from Escort Amsterdam Girls 24 on your arm. Not only are these charming girls going to give you the companionship and sexual fun that you crave, but they are the best tour guides when you want to get out and see the city.

The Many Attractions of a Historic City

As the escort Amsterdam has provided for you will attest, this is a historic city with various attractions. Some of them – such as the Red Light District and the coffee shops – have grown to be famous all over the world. However, the escort Amsterdam has given you will be quick to point out that there is far more to the town than just those things. If you want to see the city, take a look at some of these attractions as well; they may be less well-known, but they can really enhance your trip.


This place is so picturesque and quaint that you will feel like you and the escort Amsterdam gave to you have stepped into another world. The beautiful little homes have all of the historic charm that you're after, and they are clustered close to the dam. You can take some of the nearby roads and walk out to the bridge, where you have a unique vantage point to look at the river and the dam. If you see a ship coming, just stand back and watch as the bridge is raised so that the ship can sail elegantly onward.

Local Peat Lakes

The Dutch have taken great strides to control the local water levels. At one time, they had to empty certain lakes, build dams, dig canals, and reroute the water so that the town could grow up around it. Some of these peat lakes, known as veen-plassen, are still being controlled by man-made machines. This often means electric pump systems, but windmills, which were originally used to do the job, are still in service on some of the lakes. Not only will you and the Amsterdam escort love seeing these windmills in action, but the lakes draw a lot of people for water sports. If you're looking for a chance to get out on the water and have some fun with the escort Amsterdam has given you, this is the way to make that happen.

The Amstel River

If you're from the United States and the name “Amstel” sounds familiar, you're probably thinking about the beer. This is a huge export product that goes all around the world. However, it was originally named after this great river, which also lent its name to Amsterdam itself. Dams and dikes have been built to control the water; without them, there would be a danger of the water overflowing, running over the banks, and flooding the town. Seeing these great man-made containment devices at work is very interesting, and it gives you a sense of how the country was made. This is one of the most famous rivers in the country, and spending some time walking along it or checking out the various drawbridges can be a great way to spend an afternoon with the escort Amsterdam has given you.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

One of the nearby attractions, The Amsterdam Dungeon, is a must-see. It's something like a historic museum combined with a haunted house. The show is complex and entertaining, and everything is done in the style of a medieval dungeon. People from the group will even be picked to be “tortured,” though we promise that everything is perfectly safe. The actors really get into character, and you'll have a great time seeing what life used to be like in times gone by. The escort Amsterdam has provided will love it as well, and she can help to translate so that you know exactly what's going on at all times. You can find this place at Rokin 78, 1012 KW Amsterdam, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 20 530 8500.

Keukenhof Gardens

The tulip craze that changed the country forever is still very popular, and these gardens give you sweeping fields of colorful, perfect tulips in many different colors. They have grown to be quite a part of the culture and history of the place, and seeing them like this will make you understand why they got to be so valuable. These beautiful gardens are located at Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands. To call before going with the Amsterdam escort, just dial +31 252 465 555.

All Walks of Life

One thing you should know is that you can find an escort Amsterdam with whom you can get along splendidly. Some of the girls are lifelong travelers, and they've been all over the world. Some of them are young college students who are as smart as they are beautiful. Others are fun-loving local girls who are out to have a good time. They come from all walks of like, so picking out the perfect escort Amsterdam has to offer is easy. Just go to our gallery and find the one that is the ideal match.

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