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Finding the Premier Coffee Shops While You Are in Zandvoort

If you are like a lot of other visitors to the Netherlands who contact us here at Escort Amsterdam Girls 24, you got to the airport thinking that there would be coffee shops selling marijuana right in the concourse, and you were really let down when you found out that this was not how things worked. You wanted to hit those shops as soon as you could, but now you don't know where to turn. We don't want you to miss out on the legal marijuana that you can get near Zandvoort, and we think that we know just the thing that can help: An escort Amsterdam can provide.

Sexy Guides, Better Lives

Our girls are like sexy, fun tour guides who can open the city up in new ways. They give you companionship when it is time to go out to eat, they give you a drinking partner when you want to hit the bars, and they give you the time of your life all night long; just look at an escort Amsterdam has to offer in our gallery to get an idea of how much fun you're going to have sleeping with these girls. On top of all of that, though, they steer you to the coffee shops.

Coffee shops have to be somewhat discrete, even though marijuana is totally legal here, and you aren't going to face any issues if you want to smoke it. Just the fact that they refer to themselves as coffee shops can show you how this works. There are not going to be huge signs out front – in most cases – advertising weed. A lot of the best shops are just small brick buildings that look like the thousands of other brick buildings in town. Finding premier shops on your own can be hard, but an Amsterdam escort can change the game.

To show you what we mean, we've put together this list of some of the top shops near Zandvoort. The escort Amsterdam has to offer will be glad to take you to any of them, or you can ask her for other recommendations.


If you want to take the escort Amsterdam has given you to a unique shop, look no further. Yanks has a Native American theme, something that you're not going to find anywhere else in the city. It is also larger than most of the little brick shops, as it is a two-story building with a lot of sprawling floorspace. On top of that, there is a patio outside, and you smoke while watching people go by, chatting with your cup of coffee, relaxing in the pleasant outdoor air. This is a far cry from the cramped, indoor shops that you may be expecting.

In a lot of ways, the escort Amsterdam has given you will tell you that Yanks is simply an extension of the wide-open, relaxed atmosphere of Zandvoort in general. This coastal resort town has terrific beaches, excellent views of the water, and the overall vibe of a place that people go for vacation. Even when you go downtown, it is not the same as being in the heart of Amsterdam. Yanks embraces this expansive, unrestricted lifestyle. You can find it at Dorpsplein 2, 2042 JK Zandvoort. If you want to call them first, just dial +31 23 5719455.

Coffeeshop La Paz

La Paz, on the other hand, is a smaller shop, much more like the ones that you and the Amsterdam escort are probably accustomed to visiting in the Hemp City. The bar at the front is lined with high seats that are usually occupied by the friendly locals, but they have other seating as well so that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can have your own table. They have many good options, like Silver Haze and Orange Bud, there is always music playing on the radio, and they even offer extras like drinks, candy bars and snacks. You can find this coffee shop at Stationsstraat 9 – 11, 2042 LD Zandvoort and their phone number is +31 23 5730861.


While Yanks and La Paz are the only main shops right in Zandvoort, there are others nearby that you and the escort Amsterdam has provided can check out if you want. One of the top options is Roxanne, which has good prices and some of the best weed around. It's a small shop, but they do go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to make sure that the whole experience is good, even giving you free papers if you want to roll your own joints. You can find it at Laan 5, 1741 EA Schagen and you can call at +31 224 290312.


This shop, which used to be called Cupido, is a friendly sort of place that even has games that you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can play if you want to hang around for a while and enjoy yourselves. The prices are good, at right around 6.25 euros for many options, and you have a lot to pick from, with White Widow, Jack Herrer, Red Hair, ICE, and Silver, just to name a few. This little shop can be found at Gedempte Singelgracht 19, 1441 AN Purmerend. You can call them by dialing +31 299 775029.

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