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Zwaanshoek: A Tiny Village with Its Own Charm and Beauty -- Just Like Your Beautiful Companion

Some of the most interesting places to see on a visit to The Netherlands are the small, quaint villages. Each has its own charm and beauty and Zwaanshoek is no exception. It's located about four km west of Hoofddorp in the Haarlemmermeer municipality, in the North Holland province. There's only one bus that offers transportation to this village of just over 1,200 people. It's the Line 401 bus from to Hoofddorp to Zwaanshoek, Goudriaanstraat, and it only costs $2 to ride. You'll get a good glimpse into the area's culture as you step onto the bus.

Zwaanshoek means "Swans Corner," and you'll find plenty of references to the beautiful bird in this village. When it comes to art, there's only one piece in public view, though. It/s called "De Zwaan," which means "The Swan." Volunteers and the artist raised the money for the statue because the government officials in the district of Haarlemmermeer didn't believe that the village needed a landmark. Once it was completed, though, the district paid to have lighting installed and electricity so that the statue could be seen at night.

Enjoy Getting to Know Your Amsterdam Escort in This Small Village and Nearby Cities

There are a couple of places to grab a quick snack in Zwaanshoek, although if you're seeking a true dining experience, you'll need to head to Hoofddorp. There's a snack bar called Kemphaan, which translated means "Brawler." It's not referencing a fight, but a bird. Some of the offerings are traditional Dutch food, such as patat, which is a dish of fries with peanut sauce, or frikandel special, which is a skinless, deep-fried sausage often served with curry and mayonnaise or onions and ketchup. The frikandel is one of the most popular snacks in the country and something you're unlikely to find outside of The Netherlands.

For those who want an exquisite dining experience, it's best to hop on the bus to Hoofddorp. Girls for pleasure sex in Khabarovsk. There are many fine eateries in that city. Your sexy Amsterdam escort may be able to suggest some of her favorite places. If not, consider one of the following to tempt your tastebuds and to get to know your escort Amsterdam provided a bit better. 

Enjoy a Bottle of Wine with Your Sexy Amsterdam Escort at Da Rosario

Da Rosario is located in Hoofddorp, just a short distance from Zwaanshoek. With an extensive Italian wine list, you and your Amsterdam escort can relax and unwind while enjoying wines from all of Italy. This restaurant specializes in Sicilian cuisine and is a wonderful choice for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a wide variety of pizza and pasta dishes, with many just added to the menu. If your tastes run more to a traditional plate of spaghetti and meatballs, you'll find Da Rosario is the perfect choice. Da Rosario is located at Concourslaan 10, 2132 DK Hoofddorp. Phone 31 23 563 4012 to learn more about the restaurant, available specials and reservations.

Interested in History? Teylers Museum Is a Must See!

Because the attractions are somewhat limited in Zwaanshoek, you might want to travel to Haarlam to see the Teylers Museum. It's located at Spaarne 16, 2011 CH Haarlem and is the oldest museum in the country. It opened in 1784, and many of its collections remain unchanged since then. The building that houses the museum is over two centuries old and is unique in its cultural history. As you and your Amsterdam escort explore this museum, you'll realize that you've almost stepped back in time. From fossils to prints and paintings to medals and coin, this museum truly is worth your time. Phone 31 23 516 0960 for hours and ticket prices.

Explore the Inner Workings of a Windmill and See These Glorious Landmarks Up Close

While you may want nothing more than to head back to your motel rooms with your incredibly sexy escort Amsterdam provided, a trip to one of the country’s windmills is certainly in order. While visiting the museum in Haarlam, your and your Amsterdam escort can visit Bumblebee Haarlem Schalkwijk South, located at Bumblebee Dijk 20, 2036 ER Haarlem. This is on the west of the ring canal, just north of the pumping station. It's not known when the mill of the United Great and Small polders was founded, but history shows they were already in place by the middle of the 16th century. It's been occupied by saboteurs during World War 1 and struck by lightning in 1914. The last event completely burned the mill, but it was restored in 1973. Enjoy this working windmill with your sensuous companion.

Enjoy, Explore and Envision in This Beautiful Country

This country is certainly known for its vices; however, there is much to see and do here. Your Amsterdam escort can show you many places that tourists may not be aware of, including coffee shops with the finest selection of marijuana and hash. Relax in comfort as you get to know your Amsterdam escort. She'll amaze you with her beauty and brains alike, making you wish that you were back in your hotel room.

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